Tidbits, layering and how to not let your cake get soggy.

Need more tidbits?

– Layering your social media efforts with traditional media ensures that you don’t alienate those who aren’t yet tech savvy and reinforces your message across channels. Your social media can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to your other outlets and vice a versa.

– The big social media advantage? Response time. A story can be whipped up and served before the cake gets soggy.

– Community engagement. Social media lets you have a voice in your own community and spurs IRL connections. Host a tweet-up, support other local events by tweeting, blogging or facebooking. Invite others to comment too.Build your community.

– Return on investment. OK, I’ll get marketing speaky for this one only. Sure it costs you people time to create content, monitor all those channels and cook up ideas. It can be a hassle to figure out how it all goes together and keep up with the changing dynamics of the social media world. But in the end, if you are not part of telling your story, others will tell it for you. And it may have more pits, or only the cake part, or just the whipped topping than you would like.


Is social media going away?
Not today or tomorrow. Building a community, no matter the outlet is never a waste of time. The twitter of tomorrow can be populated by the base you build now, and those real life connections (if nurtured) will never expire.

Is it too late to get into social media?
Nope. Social media is still new for a lot of people and can be quite forgiving to newbies. Find yourself an experienced guide, read all that you can and get engaged on a personal level to be the best social marketer that you can. We’re all still learning and it is all truly art+science+enthusiasm.


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