Effort and Ease

I´m a big fan of Moksha yoga. The combination of heat and the flexible series of poses really agrees with my body which is more often than not subjected to high impact activities. The heat and the effort of the series also make it hard to think about anything other than what I´m trying to do, a godsend for an overactive mind. But beyond all of that there is something about Moksha that I find really addictive.

“Experienced yogis find the balance between effort and ease,” my instructor intoned amid the efforts of 58 bodies in dancer´s pose. “Come back to your breath and you´ll find it,” she encouraged. Right, I thought.

But then, as I focused on my breathing and let my preconceived notion of never getting this pose right go, I found the ease – I created it. With this realisation came a huge sense of accomplishment, a pride at having worked through the pose and, despite the struggle, finding the ease within it all.

Therein lies the addiction. We all struggle to find a balance in life – between work and home, personal and professional goals and friends and personal time. Often, it is a balance that we never really find. Moksha reminds me that it really isn´t about finding the perfect balance, in poses or in life. It is finding the ease in the effort that really matters, learning to approach adversity with grace.

So although I´m not sure if I´ll ever achieve a fully expressed dancer´s pose, I know that it really doesn´t matter. It is the challenge of the balance that will keep me coming back. That, and one heck of a workout.

Try it for yourself.

– Check out the Moksha website for locations and classes (I go to Waterloo, but started in Guelph and a new Cambridge location has just opened.)
– Do read the About Us and What to Bring sections before you go. You really do need a bath towel and clothes that allow you to sweat, because you will.
– Drink lots of water and do go on an empty stomach as they suggest, especially the first class.
– Take advantage of their into offer, it will allow you to try a number of classes so that you can identify instructors and times that work for you.
– Don´t give up after one class. I tried hot yoga years ago and really hated it. Go to more than one class before you make up your mind.


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One response to “Effort and Ease

  1. Yes, yes and YES! Yes to creating your ease (you don’t find treasures like that man, the mind can only invent them into existence!) and YES to approaching adversity with grace (cause what else can you really do?) and YES to yoga (cause it’s just hot. Temperature hot, and wonderful hot!). And yes to difficult workouts, cause few things rival that sense of accomplishment!

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