An interview with artist David Hoover

Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings

Local artist David Hoover´s February 19th show Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings is just around the corner (check out the details and invite here). He was game to answer a couple of my questions via email.

Why Late Nights and Blue Collar Mornings?
The title is a reflection of what i’m going through. The show is not just about me but friends, co-workers and really anyone in general who works a 9-5 job then goes home and works another x amount of hours on their passion (not subject to just painting). So the “late nights” is a mix of working on passion and balancing a social life (friends, relationships, straight enjoying life). And the realization that if you wanna take “it” somewhere… you’ll never get anywhere without giving some sacrifice. So for example while my friends go out to party friday night im painting… legal or illegal then hooking up with my girlfriend at 2 in the a.m. to keep all that in check.

Then the “blue collars” comes when my alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m. To remind me that i either have to go to work to pay the bills… or that i have more painting to do.

Kosta v.s David? Two entirely different people or one and the same?
Painting graffiti you have to come up with an alias. However there is also an element of creating a personality/identity. Kinda abstract but look at Peter Parker vs. Spider man. During the day he gets pushed around by his boss, kinda nerdy, has trouble with the girls, etc. However at night, when the mask goes one and it gets dark out he becomes a super hero. Know what i’m saying?

You use letters and words often in your work, how did this come about?
The goal with painting graffiti is to come up with your own style of font. Tagging is the most basic element of creating that font. I started doing canvas work to practice/develop my personal font. The stencil/block letters is there to create contrast against my font.

What would your perfect day entail?
ha ha ha this question is great. My perfect day? Oh man it would start at 4:30 a.m.  with black coffee, three eggs over easy with sriracha hot sauce and pumpernickel bread. Followed by a back pack full of paint and a date with a freight train,  finishing my piece just in time for the sunrise. This would follow with a morning back yard mini ramp session (skateboarding) and a nice lunch of sandwiches (any kind i’m not a picky eater) and a big salad of fresh greens followed by a honey dew melon for desert. A quick nap. Then hitting up the underworld (can’t give specific locations) again to paint another piece. After that was done and i was finished hanging out with the crew. I’d call up my girl and we would go have a nice dinner (preferably indian) of chole with rice, naan and mango pickle. To finish the evening drinks (beer, tea or wine) on a patio somewhere under the stars, urban setting but somewhat secluded. Teamed up with a hookah session.
After that i would fall asleep content, knowing that my day wasn’t wasted.

Yup, he is a cool guy.

Find out more about the show and RSVP on Facebook>



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5 responses to “An interview with artist David Hoover

  1. John R.Paterson

    I really like the ‘what’s your perfect day’question – and David’s answer. He has a very busy life but allso very full and balanced. No magic in the answer – just a lot of life!

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  3. Ralph

    Quality contribution, cool blog design, maintain the good work

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