Transit Debate Continues

The newest Regional transit survey comes from The Record. Given, the paper’s hot and cold coverage of the “debate”, with its often controversial letters to the editor and opinion pieces, this should be interesting.

If you missed my post about the LRT Rally, I am pro light rail. I am pro anything that encourages people to use their feet and transit to get from A to B. Granted KW is not currently set-up that way, we are a sprawling city, and I have had countless people argue with me that the LRT will not serve everybody, only those along the line, therefore it is not a good use of money. Ok.

My final two cents on this debate: move along the line. When relocating here we chose where to live based on its accessibility to amenities like restaurants, transit and my place of work. As a result, we are able to make do with one vehicle (the other unfortunately goes to Guelph every week day).  If we could do without, we would. An LRT would provide us with a quick scoot into Uptown Waterloo and down to the Market – making it a viable option even in bad weather. Yes, we get less square footage than we would if we moved into the suburbs. But the freedom of being carless evenings and weekends is delicious (and far more economical).

Get involved. If you are a newbie to the debate, check out Tritag for the pro (and ways to have your voice heard) and search The Record for any number of cons.


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