Brain and Body Reunited

Yes, it has been a long, long time since we’ve last met and not a day has passed that my inner social media maven voice hasn’t screamed at me for ignoring my fledgling blog. Ironically, my absence has been more to do with having so many new experiences to write about, than lack of material.

Those of you who know me IRL know that I have made the move to Toronto where I have gleefully started as an online communications manager for one of my top “I’ll work there some day” companies. If our relationship is purely digital, I’ll also tell you that it was very hard to leave the Gallery and KW despite the allure of the city and the perfect fit of my new job.

KW really sucks you in if you allow it. It is a great community with people who really do care. It is very easy to get involved with the ongoing shaping, in fact it is mandated by peer pressure. These collective efforts will surly lead to KW becoming one of the best places anywhere to live – if not today, soon.

So it has taken a good two weeks to fully reunite 100% of my brain with my body – now sitting in Liberty Village. I do love it here and can’t wait to complete our move, the 5th in 5 years (yikes); that I hope will signal the start of a longer term relationship with our new home.

So far, I’ve been living in a tree lined enclave in Parkdale and heading back to KW on the weekends. We get the keys for our new place, in Port Credit, June 1st, which will necessitate another quasi move as THE move won’t happen until the 2nd weekend in June. It all makes me very tired.

So for now, I am wrapping my head around this new reality and working to commit some of my new experiences to paper in a timely fashion. So far this has involved “testing” many of the surrounding eateries (and the yoga and fitness studios in response) and exploring Toronto’s west side on foot. I’ve already RSVP’d for a dozen industry events (although I am brooding about missing MESH today) and look forward to meeting Toronto’s movers and shape’rs.

It’s going to be quite a ride.

Creative decorating on an electrical box in Parkdale.

Creative decorating on an electrical box in Parkdale.


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