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Weekend Clues

big crossword puzzle

I love knowing truly creative people. Jennifer Gough, aka Minds Eye Studio is definitely one (see our Box 10 interview), pair her with two of my other favorites THEMUSEUM and TEDxWaterloo and I don’t know what to do with myself. Luckily, they do.

This Saturday Jennifer’s massive TEDxWaterloo Speaker Smarts Crossword Puzzle will be revealed at THEMUSEUM. From 1-5pm we are all invited to check out the clues and paint in our answers. If painting isn’t your thing, tease the crowd by tweeting incorrect hints – they will  show up on the tweet wall if you use #TEDxWaterloo.

Aside from just being really fun, (who doesn’t like giant puzzles?), the crossword will introduce newbies to the TEDx world.  More than just a speaker’s series, audience members must apply for a spot (applications are due February 1st) and be prepared to be a part of the conversations that happen in between each presentation. It’s a truly unique, interactive experience. The actual TEDxWaterloo event takes place on March 3rd at the Centre in the Square from 1-8p m with an afterparty to follow.

Of course, this is all taking place in the midst of THEMUSEUM’s 36 hours of Titanic, a crazy undertaking which brings the exhibit to you for – you guessed it – 36 hours straight- 10 am on Friday to 10 pm on Saturday. Night owls are rewarded with $10 Titanic admission from 10 pm to 10 am.

It is going to be a busy weekend. Thursday night is the talk with artist in residence Michelle Allard at KW|AG followed by Friday night’s Opening Reception, also at KW|AG (both are free and open to all). Saturday you’ll find me puzzling out the clues for Jennifer’s TEDxWaterloo crossword puzzle at THEMUSEUM and Sunday I am going to take in the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery‘s newest exhibition – most likely with some sushi thrown in.

So, to sum up my feelings about this weekend:

#6 across: What’s a seven letter word for really excited – starts with a “p” ?
Hint: Rhymes with biked


p.s – If you haven’t checked out Jennifer Gough’s new blog find it here>


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Seeing the possibilities – Jon Landau at THEMUSEUM

Jim Balsillie gets an Oscar from Jon Landau at THEMUSEUM

Jim Balsillie gets an Oscar from Jon Landau at THEMUSEUM

I’m sure that I will be one of many to write about Jon Landau‘s talk at THEMUSEUM last night, and for good reason. The man did work on Avatar and Titanic and is on a “Jim” basis with James Cameron. Pretty impressive stuff. So expecting him to be personable and approachable with us mere mortals seemed to be a stretch.

Covering everything from how to massage and develop technology to work for you, to how to gain buy-in and raise morale, the talk and Jon were inspiring and refreshing. I and my fellow tweeters, spurred on by a tweet wall, had a hard time keeping up with his neatly packaged phrases. He wasn’t slick, or overly enthusiastic, he just shared pieces of his journey through the making of his two biggest films and elements of his career development.

[To see what caught our attention check out the twitter feed.]

Personal connections.

  • We see possibilities where other don’t, we learn enough to get the possibilities. #JonLandaukw
  • If films can suggest the hope of a better tomorrow, then they work. #jonlandaukw
  • Make everyone seem a part of it. Invite participation. It works. #jonlandaukw
  • Can’t does not exist, it is how. #jonlandaukw
  • And of course, Jon giving Jim Balsillie an Oscar.

Kudos to David Marskell, digital media man Derek Weidl and THEMUSEUM for continuing to bring world class experiences to KW. I thought that I would have to travel to Toronto for something like this. A fantastic evening that fueled my motivation and belief in the potential and the wonderful reality of KW.

ps -I’ve now seen Titanic twice and have a membership (a steal at $60 for two adults and only $30 for students). Support THEMUSEUM and the continuation of cherry like experiences by visiting their exhibitions and becoming a Member – you will be much cooler if you do.

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